(March 25, 2017 – Atlanta GA) Atlanta based Success Chasers will launch there clothing line “ Visionz” later this summer. This new clothing line will be launched during Atlanta International Fashion Week, one of Atlanta’s biggest and most epic fashion shows of the year. Atlanta International fashion Week will be held on July 27, 2017 through July 30, 2017.  Tickets for the weekly events will be available on Success Chasers website and the Atlanta International fashion Week’s website.  Ticket pricing will be available starting April 15, 2017. The tickets are $75 for the weekend event.  Individual day tickets may also be available to purchase. The Vision clothing line will exhibit 24 of its best pieces during Atlanta Fashion Week. Visionz pieces will be available for order purchase during fashion week only and will become available to the public until its apparel website is released.

About Success Chasers

Success begins from the smaller goals that we accomplish daily and develops into the lifetime dreams that we once saw as only visions.  Success Chasers is a success lifestyle company and association that provides platforms for people and businesses to leverage to fulfill their dreams and visions through educational seminars, classes, and special events. Success Chasers focus on a variety of industry that is geared towards financial, emotional and spiritual health. Success Chasers promotes and encourages individuals and businesses to have a positive drive through their journey of success and prosperity.

About Visionz

Visionz is a energetic, uplifting and rewarding clothing line created to be worn as a reminder of the positive energy that must be implemented into the journey of obtaining success. Visionz’s pieces are uniquely thought out individually for the purpose of giving each person who wears them a feeling of inspiration.  This inspiration derives from its bold colors patterns and positive messages. Leaving each individual as a conversation piece of inspiration, determination and a story of success. 

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